Happy Little Things

some happy little things…

I’ve decided to start a mini series over on my blog called Happy Little Things. I think it’s easy to always focus on the big things in life and become a bit too wrapped up in these, that we lose sight of the small things that make us happy. So I wanted to start sharing the little things that make me smile each week or so – because even in the shitiest of times, there’s still some little things that can make you happy.

Dog Walks

I love animals! I don’t care what animal it is, chances are I’ll love it (spiders not included, soz). After losing my cat in December, there’s been a real lack of fluffy creatures in my life but thanks to Borrow My Doggy I’ve found a new little pal in life. My best friend Izzy signed up to Borrow My Doggy and met the cutest little pug called Gizmo. The last two weekends when I’ve been visiting we’ve got to take Gizmo on some pretty decent walks. It’s been great having a little doggie to play with, but also to get some fresh air and hang out with my friends.

TV Series

Like every other person, I have an addiction to binge watching tv programmes. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and watched Big Little Lies – which is amazing. I love the female leads, especially Reece Witherspoon’s character, and the music in it is great as well. I’ve also started watching The Sinner on Netflix, which I was hooked on about 10 mins into the first episode. If you like crime dramas I’d really recommend it!


Sticking with my Goodreads challenge of 20 books in 2018, I’ve managed to read 3 books this year and start my 4th. I love reading and for a while I was finding it hard to make time to read. Now I’ve started setting a side an hour each night to read my book and have a mini blackout session. It’s good to get away from the screen and absorb myself in another world. Right now I’m reading The Note by Zoe Folbigg – it’s a little cheesy, but I like an easy read every so often to break things up a little. Let me know what you’d recommend I read next.

The Weather

This might seem like a bit of a silly thing to say, but it’s finally started getting lighter in the mornings and evenings. Don’t get me wrong I love Autumn/Winter, but it’s nice to start having longer days again and a bit of nice weather to go with it. Everyone’s in such a better mood when it’s nice outside, plus I feel a lot more motivated to be productive when I’ve got a longer day on my hands. Cue lots of blog writing and organising my life. (Since writing this we’ve been hit with #TheBeastfromtheEast so right now maybe the weather isn’t ideal…)


So that’s it for this post. If you want to share you’re happy little things I’d love to know them. I also want to use the hashtag #HappyLittleThings on social media to tie in with this, so feel free to link in with that ’cause I’ll be liking posts I see. Tune in next time…


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