Porto | A Travel Diary

So only a month late, but I’m finally getting round to sharing my Porto travel diary with you all. As a bit of change for New Year me and few friends decided to jet off to Portugal and get away from freezing cold Scotland – sadly the weather was just as wet in Portugal, but at least it was warmer.

I’d never been to Portugal before so I was super excited to go somewhere different and do some sight-seeing – and it was completely worth it.

Porto is just a sea of rainbow coloured buildings and everywhere you looked there was something exciting going on. It was such a gorgeous place and I bet it looks even better in the summer.




We spent a lot of the time wandering the streets and getting the feel of the place. It was a shame about the weather, but the place was so pretty even in the rain. Of course I managed to make friends with a couple of cats while we were thereĀ  – this little white one being my favourite.

The city is built right on top of a river and has plenty of hills to keep you fit, but also to get the best views of the city.


Now if you know anything about Portugal then you know you can’t go without trying a little pasteis da nata (basically a little baked custard tart). Seriously this little thing will blow your mind! It’s so delicious, especially when you get them hot straight from the oven. We did manage to eat some really amazing food while there, including Portguese tapas and ice cream!

Apart from all the walking around and eating lots of food, one of my favourite things to visit was the Library Bookshop. We did have to pay and queue for a bit to get in, but it’s this amazing, old style bookstore right in the centre. It’s definitely worth the visit – although it does get super busy, and it’s near impossible to get a good picture of the inside.

If you’ve ever been to Portugal, i’d love to know what you liked about it, and if you haven’t ever gone then I’d highly recommend Porto. The food is delicious, the views are stunning and the people are super friendly. You can even do tours of a port houses, which we did and I think would be even better in the Summer!

Let me know if you’ve got any holidays planned this year.



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