Veganuary | An Update

So we’re knee deep into January now – how much are you fed up of salads and hitting the gym right now? Yeah…I haven’t bothered with either of those either. What I have been good at sticking at though is my pledge to do #Veganuary, and I’ve actually been really enjoying it.

For a long time I’ve been considering going vegan, or at least trying it. I’ve tried to cut a lot of dairy out of my diet, always choosing the dairy free milks and yoghurts where possible. So really the transition into a month of veganism wasn’t too scary, or too difficult – and yes I miss cheese a heck load, but surprisingly not as much as I thought I would.

I’m a self-confessed chocolate and cheese addict (never together!), but I’ve actually enjoyed having a break from eating things that were bad for me, and ultimately left me feeling guilty. To be honest it’s a nice feeling knowing that what I’m eating isn’t just helping the planet, & the animals I love, but also myself. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of vegan junk food out there and I’ve made sure to try a good bit of it so far, but I’ve also liked being a bit healthier.

So here’s the things I’ve found helpful in the first few weeks of veganism.

  • Signing up to the Veganuary newsletter

    Every day I get an email with tips on how to shop, how to read food labels, where I can eat and some seriously tasty recipes. This has really made the whole transition a lot easier and to be honest taken a lot of the pressure off.

  • Watching documentaries

    So far I’ve only managed to watch What the Health on Netflix – but boy does it change your mind about the food you eat. I haven’t been a meat eater in almost 8 years so that wasn’t an issue, but the dairy industry is something I didn’t realise just how clueless I was too. Honestly give this a watch and it’ll blow your mind.

  • Use HappyCow

    This website is the best friend you can have while a vegan. It tells you where all the vegan/vegetarian restaurants are in pretty much any city (I even used it while in Portugal), it also has recipes and can tell you where some decent stores are in your area. It’s completely free and makes eating out 100 times easier.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself

    It can be easy to cave when faced with a super cheesy pizza, or even just a slice of your favourite chocolate, but it’s 100% ok if you do ‘fail’. You’re still making the effort where you can, and trying your best so that’s all that really matters. It can take time to get used to cutting things out of your diet – it’s a process, and you’ll get there.

What I’ve loved about doing Veganuary is trying new foods, and cooking new recipes. It’s forced me to go to different restaurants and sometimes even different supermarkets to find what I’m looking for. Sometimes it has been tough, but surprisingly there is some really tasty vegan meals out there – you just have to look for them!

If you’re ever in Glasgow I’d really recommend Bread Meats Bread, Steak Cattle & Roll, Ushas or The Hanoi Bike Shop. They all have lots of vegan options, as well as plenty veggie & meat choices if you’re friends ain’t so keen on the vegan stuff!

If you’re doing Veganuary let me know how you’re getting on, and if you’re vegan I’d love to know your tips & favourite meals.

Love Lauren – x


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