Hello 2018

Hello to a new year, a fresh start, a blank page…


Where to begin? For most people a new year brings new hope and acts like a fresh beginning – which is a nice thought. My 2017 didn’t end exactly how I wanted – it was tainted with the loss of a loved one, something that I found, and still find, difficult to cope with. But I’m ready for a fresh start, and to turn the page onto something new.

I decided this year that I’m not going to really set myself any new year’s resolutions, I want to instead focus on moving forward and learning to be happy with where I am at for the time being. What I did want to share with you though is how I’m doing on my goals for turning 25 – you can read my original post here.

Travel to at least two countries : I’ve already managed to tick one of these of my list. For New Years I went on a joint couples holiday with my best friends to Portugal. The holiday was great, and Porto is stunning – but I struggled a lot with mental health on this trip. I plan to do a blog post on both exploring Porto, but also about pushing yourself too hard.

Get my fitness level back on track : so I haven’t fully done this, but I’ve made a start. I’m doing one trial week of personal training to see how I get on, I’ve rejoined a gym (and I plan to go once I’ve got over my cold) and I’m joining a running group. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

Run my first 10k : again, I haven’t fully completed this one yet, but I managed to run over 7k last week. That’s the longest I’ve ever managed so I know if I put my mind to it and keep working hard, I can achieve that 10k goal in no time.

Visit a proper Christmas market: I love Christmas and throughout December I managed to hit up a different Christmas market every weekend. So I’ve fully absorbed this one and loved every second of it.

Go vegan for a full month : This month I’m giving Veganuary a go, which is the first time I’ve ever tried to go vegan. There’s been a few bumps along the way – Portugal just don’t understand veganism, and when it’s your boyfriends birthday you indulge in that massive dominos takeaway with extra chocolate cookies. But so far I’ve managed a successful 4 days so I’m getting there. Fighting my cravings for cheese is tough but I know I’ll feel better for it.

So there’s my little life update. I’m looking forward to what 2018 will bring. I’m ready to make some changes, push myself into new opportunities, and to really challenge myself this year – I want to work hard and see the benefits.

Here’s to a good one you lovely bunch!

Love, Lauren xx


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