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Thank god it’s edging towards the end of November and I can finally say the word Christmas without being looked upon in utter disgust. Anyone who knows me will know that Christmas is only my favourite time of year, and I literally do not shut up about it until January hits. As I’m writing this I’ve just been to the Edinburgh Christmas markets, and oh boy am I ready to fully embrace those festive vibes.

So despite me saying I’d be quiet over these parts until blogmas, I just couldn’t keep myself from writing up my first ever Christmas gift guide. With all this Black Friday madness going on, there are discounts popping up everywhere and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of those sales! But I promise this post is not an enabler, I’m just here to give you some ideas of what to buy that lucky lady in your life – whether she’s your gf, mum, sister or a good friend I’ve got you covered huns!

Smelly things:

Now I mean the nice kind of smelly stuff! Everyone loves to be given something that lets them take care of themselves, and my go to is always The Body Shop. Everything they sell is 100% cruelty free which means you won’t be offending anyone with a gift from here. They do some amazing gift sets, I’ve got my eye on the Coconut Festive Picks set and for only £20 it’s a steal. If you’re quick you can get some amazing things with their 40% discount.

Another great idea is to hit up Lush. They offer everything from skincare, beauty and the fancy Christmas bath items. Again everything is 100% cruelty free, with the majority of their items being vegan. I’m loving the sound of the Sweet Christmas set, only £10.50 – but if your gal isn’t into that, Lush also have the Starry Night range that offers a little more musk. There’s literally loads to choose from, and with everything already pre-gift wrapped your Christmas shopping has never been easier.

A watch:

I never used to be a watch girl myself, but last year David and I decided to get each other matching watches and since then I’ve never looked back. We went for the Daniel Wellington watches, with mine being the Classic Sheffield – a simple black leather strap with a rose-gold face. Now I know this is a bit more of pricey option, but it’s such a brilliant investment piece, and if you have a little scour around you’ll likely find someone with an affiliate discount code.


If your lass maybe isn’t into making herself smell so great, then you can mask it with a candle…kidding!! But who doesn’t love getting a beautiful candle as a gift? There’s everything to choose from on the market at the moment, but my top picks are Jo Malone’s English Oak & Redcurrant, and Neom’s Christmas Wish 3 wick candle. Marks and Spencer also do some amazing candles that are really affordable – and if you can’t afford these then hit up Lidl who do amazing Jo Malone dupes for only £3.99!

I didn’t want this post to be too long, but some other top ideas are books (why not try source an independent store?), or tickets to a show or concert. The options are endless but I hope this post has given you some ideas and inspiration. Let me know what’s on your Christmas list this year!

Love, Lauren -xx


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