The Little Things

The Silly Little Things That Get Us Down

Lately I’ve been neglecting pretty much all forms of social media. I’ve not wanted to post to Instagram or write a witty tweet or even spill my thoughts out on a blog post. The reason being my mental health has been in a pretty rollercoaster state lately and I’ve let it get to me.

I’ve had a lot change in my life over the last two months (blog post to follow on this) and it’s starting to take its toll. But the big thing that’s been bothering me is the search for a flat. If you’ve ever had to rent then you’ll know my pain, but my god Glasgow is on a whole other level of stress! And while I’d love to sit here and moan all day about how much I hate flat hunting and how defeated I feel, that’s not quite the point of this post.

This little life drama got me thinking. To be precise it got me thinking about all the silly things we let bother us, when really they’re out of our control. Now not being able to find a home isn’t exactly silly, but it’s not the end of the world that I haven’t got a flat just yet.

So what do we let bother us so much? Well here’s what I let ruin my day far too often.

  • People walking slowly in front of me. My god does that grate on me sooo much. But the fact is, my train was 20mins late anyway so I’m already rocking up to work way past my 9am start time.
  • The sound of people eating. Ahhh does this make my skin crawl!! But if you wanna chow down on that Nando’s gal you go for it. It literally shouldn’t make a difference in my life.
  • Having to repeat myself. Now if you genuinely didn’t hear me then cool I’ll say it again, but when you’ve asked me 3 times to repeat myself & you’re still swiping left on tinder I will scream at you.
  • When that top that goes so well with those trousers, isn’t in the drawer you thought it was. You know that feeling when you’ve planned your whole outfit to a tee and then you can’t find that top and nothing else will go with your outfit. So you frantically run round the house pulling apart every ironing pile and raking through the drawers, mumbling every profanity under your breath. Yeah that one. (Soz to my boyfriend for dealing with these bouts of craziness)
  • When you don’t get invited to that girls party, even though you secretly don’t like her and you obviously weren’t planning on going because your Friday night plans consist of cuddling your cat and inhaling a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But hey, the invitation still woulda been nice right?

But what all these things have in common, is how much they don’t matter in life. So with that I’ve taken the decision to slow down and shake off the little things.

Basically this post was a way for me to rant a little, but hey I’m ready to move on with my life and focus on the bigger things.

Love, Lauren -xx


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